New Moon March 2012 – Divinely Mad

The New Moon on March 22 2012 is at 2º Aries 22’ conjunct Mercury retrograde on the sea monsters tail. Uranus also joins the party, by electrifying the whale’s tail. There has been an electrical watery theme going on while we still have a limp and languid Mars Retrograde. Seems that the universe really wants us to slosh about with mermaids and electrical goods then, which we know is not a great combination. With misty-eyed Neptune closing in on dreamy Fomalhaut it’s a similar vibe to the Slippery Eel New Moon a month ago. The bonkers Uranus/Sun/Moon/Mercury stellium is semi-sextile Neptune. With all that we get divine madness, lots of Ophelia like eye-rolling and gazing into the lake. Mercury retrograde is spiralling back through Neptune’s mist and getting lost.  We once again place ourselves in the hands of God/fate since we cannot do much else. The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Atropos and Lacrimosa, which is all very tragic isn’t it? How interesting that the March 8 Full Moon two weeks ago was opposite Lachesis who was the 2nd of the fates. Atropos is the 3rd, the grim one and poisonous death witch . There is just such a strong theme of toxic liquids [...]
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[Source: Darkstar Astrology]

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