Bred for combat, Sachi was literally born into the Human Resistance. Both of her parents were soldiers martyred fighting the Sramians in an epic battle, not long after her birth. Forged by stories of this event, since her childhood, Sachi has sworn herself to the unlikely dream of galactic Human freedom and the downfall of the Sramian Empire.

Captain Olivier
Olivier has been Sachi's mentor in the Human Resistance for the past several years. Unlike Sachi, Olivier is willing to embrace the notion of surrender as a viable alternative to fighting to the death. As such, Sachi must now rescue the good captain from a search-and-destroy mission gone amiss.

General Orak
Among the Sramian leadership, the fate of all "lesser races" is always debated. On the topic of Humans, the two conventional choices are slavery or extermination. Amidst his military actions and political ambitions, the malevolent General Orak never wavers from a stance deeply rooted in the most bloodthirsty of options.

The Sramian Military
Enforcing the martial laws of the Sramian Empire across the known galaxy, these ruthless soldiers are created by assorted techniques of forced breeding and merciless training. They are then augmented by various cybernetics and weapons technologies amalgamated from the knowledge of a dozen conquered worlds. Unfortunately for these soldiers, Sramian warrior conditioning often focuses on brutality much more so than tactics. As such, Sramian soldiers tend to suffer many casualties due to over-zealousness and friendly fire. If not for their number and ruthlessness, one would ponder how they could hold a single world.

The Midorians
The natives of Planet Midoria were once a simple nature-worshiping culture with a proud matriarchal tradition. Then the Sramians arrived and “made better use” of these impressionable beings. Unfortunately, Midorians do not seem to have the same comprehension of freedom as humans, and as such, their fierce female warriors have to be treated with the same viciousness that the Sramians deserve.

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