Just when humanity really started reaching out to the stars, it’s hand was all but cut off...

No one is sure how long the war against the Sramian Empire has been going on or why it even started, but many say our race was in mere infancy when it did. After centuries of seesaw battles across the heavens, both Human and alien now know nothing but the will to destroy each other.

Now we enter an age when the enemies of mankind have the upper hand. The human race is scattered and broken. Planetary maps of Human domains have been redrawn countless times, and our calendars have been re-written over and over again. However, the more the Sramians tighten their grip on the galaxy, the harder the children of Earth continue to fight them. Once rag-tag groups of freedom fighters now move from planet to planet as forged, hardened, and elite societies of calculated revolutionaries, slowly beating back a ruthless machine of conquest.

Enter: Sachi, a top operative in the Human Resistance. When Sachi is sent on a mission to rescue her mentor from a search-and-destroy mission gone wrong, she uncovers the greatest threat the enemies of humanity have ever devised.